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Teresa Johnson reviewed Vino Van-Go — 5 star

September 18  

Angie was great and kept our group of 14 right on schedule without feeling rushed all day. We had plenty of time to enjoy each of the 3 wineries and for drinks and dinner at the distillery. I would highly recommend Vino Van-only-way-to-Go trip!!

Thanks Angie!

Sandy Genrich Solterman reviewed Vino Van-Go — 
5 star

Fun fun fun! A great way to spend an afternoon with friends.

Katie Blankenheim Sommers · October 30, 2016

Angie was awesome! Anything we bought she wrote our names on and stowed it away for us until the end of the trip, she would give us the 10 min warning so we wouldn't have to worry about time at all during the day, she knew the winery and wines very well so she could direct us in the right direction when we got there and she always gets a group pic at the end of each tour!:) It was a lot of fun!

Melanie Mayer reviewed Vino Van-Go — 5 star


Such a fun time!! Angie could not have done a better job! She was much more than just a designated driver, she had everything planned out perfectly for us. She had a little trailer to store and keep safe all of our wine, and she even organized and labeled all of our purchases for us so there was no confusion at the end of the day! The only thing you have to worry about is enjoying the wine and having fun with your friends!!

Susan K. Heitzman Good friends, good wine, good times! Angie made sure that everything went smoothly and that everyone was having fun.

Anita Ellis reviewed Vino Van-Go — 5 star

Impressed that Angie had thought of everything! Even how we would be able to bring our purchased wine home. Truly a fun day.

LeAnna Tow Rittmann reviewed Vino Van-Go — 5 star

This was so much fun! The 4 stops were well planned and it seemed like the perfect amount of time for each stop. It was a nice touch to have a place to carry the purchases safely back to our meeting spot. I highly recommend this! I'm looking forward to doing this again!

Sue Gorski reviewed Vino Van-Go — 5 star

Angie had everything organized for us. Every place was ready for us so we didn't have to wait around or wonder where we should be. She has a wonderful rapport with the venues and they were truly happy to see our group come in. I highly recommend Vino Van-Go!

Teri Engelhart · 

I have used Vino Van-Go on two winery tours so far! Vino Van-Go is "Angie" and she makes sure that your day is worry free and nothing but fun! Both tours were fantastic experiences and she really takes care of you. She gets you safely and comfortably where you want to go and even takes care of your purchases, labeling the sacks so at the end of the day, you just grab the bags with your name on them. I don't know how she does it, but she even has beautiful weather. I can't say enough about what a lovely person she is and definitely plan to sign up for more tours in the future:-) #VVG

Robin Hanson reviewed Vino Van-Go — 5 star

September 11 · 

If there were more than 5 stars I would give it. Angie was wonderful and what a great day we had!!!

Michelle Maria reviewed Vino Van-Go — 5 star 

Had so much fun this weekend for my mom's birthday! Angie was absolutely amazing! She had everything planned out perfectly and we never had to worry about a thing. If you want a stress free day with fun people and some amazing views, go with Vino Van-go!

Barb Grotzke-Van Asten reviewed Vino Van-Go — 5 star

Angie was the consummate hostess! I highly recommend Vino Van-Go for your next girls (or guys) outing!!!

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